How to import directly from china without using a procurement agent


IMPORTWITHAARA COURSE OUTLINE For Day 1, 2 and Day 3 this is what we will be looking at and many more

DAY 1 ✍✍✍
Introduction to mini importation
Navigating the site completely
Effective Product sourcing /How to avoid sellers with low quality products
How to search on 1688 on using pictures, product category or search bar.
Shipping methods
Contacts of at least 5 international shipping logistics companies that will bring your goods from China.

Day 2 ✍✍✍
Solution to challenges on sealing deals on the platform
Identification of genuine and authentic suppliers/manufacturers on 1688
How to get contacts of suppliers
How to pay tour suppliers
How to track your goods from your supplier to your shipping agent office in China
How to track your goods from China to Lagos, Nigeria

Day 3;

sharing of at least 88 contacts of suppliers

How to contact suppliers direct
on 1688 without even wechat

THREE(3) tested METHODS to buy from 1688 without having an ACTIVE Alipay account

coaching till you can import successfully all by yourself which is the aim of this course

*Apps needed*

1688 app (how to download this for android users will be explained in the training)

hi dictionary


Alipay app

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